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Solar Installation

All About Solar Energy

Do you know all about solar energy?  Many people believe what they hear, but often what they hear is nothing more than solar power myths.

One myth is that solar is expensive.  NOT True.

With all the incentives, federal rebates and leasing options available, the price of a solar installation has been reduced significantly.  In some cases, for $0.00 out of pocket costs to you.

Another of the many myths about solar energy is that a solar installation will be cheaper if you “do it yourself”.  NOT True.

Completing any project yourself will be rewarding, but this installation requires four specific expertises.

1.  getting the right materials at the right price

2.  properly mounting your solar panels into an efficient system

3.  the ability to perform safe electrical work required for a solar system

4.  applying for the necessary permits and incentives that apply to you

Do you know someone who has told you that a new-updated version of solar power is just about to come out like the new iPhone or the iPad 3?  NOT True.

Unlike electrical gadgetry, solar technology has changed little in decades. Modern solar technology is reliable and efficient.  Solar panels for your home or for your business have been carefully designed and constructed requiring almost no changes or improvements in years.

Other solar power myths include solar panels are a fire hazard.  NOT True.

Solar panels are installed in accordance with a proven, comprehensive code.  They do not produce excessive heat and they are installed safely just like any other household circuit.

Of all the myths about solar power I find silly is that solar panels make it harder to sell your home or business.  NOT True.

Research proves solar electric systems help sell homes faster, often in half the time as a home without a system.  Solar panels attract buyers because many are aware of the heating and electric savings they will get when buying a home with a solar system.

Did you know that some people believe that installing solar on their roof will damage it?  NOT True.

If installed properly, a solar array system can actually protect the life of a roof by adding an extra layer that guards against the elements..

There are many myths about solar power that some people find it overwhelming.  If you want to learn all about solar energy, check out this report:  87 Myths About Solar Energy

Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar Panels for Your Home will save Money!

There are no “if, ands or buts” you will Save Money year after year.  You will get as much as 90% off you electric bill month after month.

Not only do residential solar power systems save money while you own your home, but it will also add to the value of your home. A National Bureau of Economic Research study proves a solar power increases the value of a home. Educated home buyers know the potential savings and many look for homes that already have a solar PV system installed.

Further research shows home buyers seriously consider energy costs when shopping for a new home.  Home solar attracts the attention of buyers. In many states, solar panels are exempt from property tax. In those regions, solar installations increase a home’s value without increasing property taxes.

Installing solar a sustainable and clean way to generate power for your home.  With the improvements in manufacturing, and with the introduction of new financing plans, the price of solar panels for your home is more affordable than ever.

Solar panels for your home cost as little as $0.00 for many homeowners.  That’s right-NO Out-of Pocket Cost! How?  With the many rebates, leasing options and decreases in the cost of solar panels, there any plenty of options available to make an installation a reality for you.

Federal rebates, incentives and reduced prices also make “it’s a buyers market”. You can afford solar panels for your home. You could qualify for $0.00 down.  Just think you can go with NO Money Down and begin Saving on your energy bill from day one.

Solar Panels


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Today’s technology has made Solar Panels Affordable and Simple to Maintain.

Solar energy has experienced new innovations which make it a smart financial investment that can provide financial return while increasing the value of your home.

Most companies will install solar panels for 0% financing which makes it more affordable for you to get clean, green. energy, that will lower or eliminate your electric bill and assist in the protection of our environment.

Solar Experts can offer you a variety of ways to place solar energy panels on your property.

You will SAVE MONEY Each and Every Month for years to come.

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Solar panels are a Wise Investment. Installation of a solar energy system will increase the Value of your Home.

Another Advantage is the ability to lower your dependence on foreign energy sources.

An even BIGGER Advantage is to the Environment by decreasing the amount of “greenhouse gases” in our atmosphere!

I am ready to help you SAVE Money and SAVE our Environment!

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